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Dear friends,

Update 03 June 2011

Dear friends,

Today, my wife Greet and I have visited Janny and Ron.

Ron is recovering quite well, but is facing some problems as is usual, like becoming pressure sore.  This gives him more than enough pain.

However, his regular health status as a consequence of the surgery is going relatively well.  He is up for the larger part of the day, working on his laptop and he will declare the office open one of these days.  However, he is also afraid of all the attention that he might get, so he is very careful and is starting slowly.  He also does not expect to be able to come to Nazareth for the European Championships Men and Women as it just too early, but hopes to be able to prepare for that tournament, for the European Championship C Division in Lithuania (Kaunas) and for the European Congress in Nazareth.

This is my last update, unless there is a special reason to come back to you.

Cheers and hope to see most of you in the near future.

Jan Berteling