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1st Transylvanian Cup

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1st Transylvanian Cup – Cluj, Romania 15th to 17th July 2011

Hans Vorsterveld and I attended this tournament at the invitation of the Romanian National Paralympic Committee.
3 team participated, CCSH Cluj and CS Temerarii Arad from Romania and KKK Donau from Serbia.

As expected, the standard of play was quite low. Both of the teams from Romania were playing in reasonable wheelchairs but the chairs were not custom made for the athletes.
The Serbia team mostly had RGK wheelchairs and these had obviously been made specifically for each athlete.
Consequently, the Serbian team was by far the strongest team in the competition.

Hans gave all the players a National Classification. None of the Romanian players had previously been classified.
Some of the Serbian players did have a classification as they played in the National team.

Between the games, I had a small opportunity to do some coaching with the Romanian players but they would benefit from intense training of a week or so. The tournament was refereed by 3 young guys from running basketball. I gave them a short briefing on wheelchair basketball before the first game and they did a great job. They were all enthusiastic and wanted to learn more about wheelchair basketball.

During the tournament I discussed many things with Sally Lamont, the President of the NPC in Romania.
Sally is very keen to develop wheelchair basketball in their country. With Sally I discussed:

1. The relationship between the NPC and running basketball. Sally introduced me to Aurora Dragos who is the Vice President of the Romanian Basketball Federation.
The relationship between the 2 organisations is now very good and Aurora also promised to help us develop our sport in Romania.

2. There are currently 3 teams affiliated to the NPC. I mentioned 3 v3 as a possible development tool to increase the number of teams and Sally was very interested in this idea and will propose that they start a 3 v3 competition to her board.

3. We discussed future development plans for Romania. They really need development in every aspect of the sport from coaching to classification and refereeing. Sally believes that she can find at least 10 referees who would be interested in becoming wheelchair basketball referees.
We discussed the possibility of holding a further training camp, maybe in July 2012, where we could run a training camp for the players with a view to forming a National Team.

4. We also discussed holding a referees clinic at the same time as the camp if Sally can find a minimum of 10 referees to attend.

5. In the longer term, we discussed the possibility of Romania hosting the ECM Division C in Cluj in the future. In my opinion the sports hall and hotel would be suitable for this.

I would like to thank Sally Lamont and all the people in Cluj who made our time there so enjoyable and I look forward to continuing to help develop wheelchair basketball in Romania.

Finally, thanks also to Hans for doing a terrific job in classifying all the players and for being a wonderful support during the trip.

Maurice Hammerton, Development Officer



Four nations tournament

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The Netherlands Basketball Federation organise a four nations tournament in Papendal, the Netherlands from Friday 19 till Sunday 21 August 2011, and is seeking IWBF licensed referees who wishes to referee some top games.
Board and lodging will be provided by the organiser, travel costs are for your own account.

Game schedule

Int Transfer of Players



Old Club

New Club

Date Registration

Van Houcke, Christophe


Roller Bulls St Vith (GER)

SV St Jan Brugge (BEL)


Boterberg, Lorenzo


Roller Bulls St Vith (GER)

Silverspokes Gent (BEL


Luszynski, Piotr


RSC Rollis Zwickau

Galatasaray SK (TUR)


Cant, Michel


SV St Jan Knesselare (BEL)

Roller Bulls St Vith (GER)


Nortje, Richard Jason


Ba.D.S. (ITA)

CD Fundosa Once (ESP)


Linden, Joakim


Norrköping Dolphins (SWE)

Oettinger RSB Team Thüringen (GER)


Thomson, Stefan



USC München (GER)


Pollock, Jonathan


CD Fundosa Once (ESP)

RGK Tcat Rhinos (GBR)


Tähti, Leo-Pekka


Clinicas Ricncon Amivel (ESP)

Nevsky Alyans (RUS)





Oettinger RSB Team Thüringen (GER)


Partanen Teemu Tapio


Nevsky Alyans (RUS)

Oettinger RSB Team Thüringen (GER)


Friday 19 August 18:00 Belgium- France
20:30 Netherlands - Sweden
Saturday 20 August 11:30 France - Sweden
14:00 Belgium - Netherlands
18:30 Sweden - Belgium
21:00 Netherlands - France
Sunday 21 August 10:30 3rd - 4th place game
13:00 1st - 2nd place gam








Are you an IWBF licensed referee and interested to referee then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.<