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IWBF Europe, on behalf of IWBF, promotes, supervises and directs the sport of wheelchair basketball within its Zone, strictly recognising the autonomy of each NOWB within its own territory, while following the policies of IWBF as established by the World Congress and the IWBF Executive Council.

The Executive Council of IWBF Europe has as its responsibilities:

  • To encourage the growth and development of the sport in all European nations through an organised programme of education and instruction;

  • To direct the work of the Zone on behalf of its NOWBs;

  • To organise the competitions of the Zone for nations and clubs;

  • To establish the standard for training and certification of referees, classifiers and examiners maintaining the same standard as IWBF;

  • To sanction all major competitions held within the Zone;

  • To control and maintain the classification of players, the issue of Player Identity Cards and Player Classification Cards as directed by IWBF;

  • The Executive Council ensures the timely administration of the matters of the Zone by:

  • Establishing such Commissions as it deems necessary for the proper conduct of its duties and making appointments to such commissions;

  • Organising a European Forum for discussion, analysis and drafting of Specific Regulations, including changes to the General Regulations, Competitions Regulations and Bylaws of IWBF Europe;

  • Maintaining a documented history of the sport in Europe;

  • IWBF Europe maintains its financial stability by:

  • Raising funds, collecting fees and ensuring that all resources are used solely to further the aims and objectives of IWBF Europe with the principle that IWBF Europe is a non-profit organisation;

  • The creation of an organised marketing programme that involves communication, public relations and demonstration events to raise awareness to the general public of the benefits of wheelchair basketball in Europe

The Executive Council consists of:

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