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Successful German promotion concept for young wheelchair basketball players supported by IWBF EUROPE

The German Wheelchair Basketball Association has chosen the promotion of national junior staff in wheelchair basketball to be one of their main tasks for the future. Therefore it was necessary to develop a complex nationwide program for children and youth to be integrated into the structures of the German Wheelchair basketball concept.
The basic for this project was laid in 2000 with the first Try Out Wheelchair Basketball prepared and organized by Peter Richarz and his team,
responsible to build up and construct the German junior section.
The Try Outs are one day events taking place in 8 different german cities in close cooperation with regional sports clubs.
Under professional instruction we offer evolution-appropriate training and games in consideration of athletic competition as well as psycho social aspects. According to the wide spectre and different levels of abilities and knowledge the participants are devided in smaller groups to guarantee an efficient and individual workout.
First part is the training of basic techniques for wheelchair driving, ball handling and first contact with tactical basics. Second part contains competition oriented games with tournament character.
The increasing number of participants over the last years and the high readiness of cooperation show the persistant positive trend of the Try Out project.
Within our youth promotional screening during the past Try Outs a lot of talented young players could be sorted out and recommanded for more advanced training to our special coaches.

Our wheelchair basketball camps can be considered as very successful projects. Children and juniors from all over Germany come together for a straight and advanced training over a period of 3 days. The obvious learning process is documented in a specific development testing system.

The following materials for trainers and coaches are available in English:
•    Guideline for coaches – Wheelchairbasketball for children and youth
•    DVD Wheelchairbasketball for children and youth
•    Sports badge

Jutta Retzer

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