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IWBF Europe is working with two different kind of Commissioners to control the games.

We have the Tournament Technical Delegate who is responsible for the smooth running of the tournament, like the EuroCup Competitions. This Commissioner is in charge of the overall control of the tournament.

Further IWBF Europe is working with Game Commissioners during European Championships. The Game Commissioner is present to ensure that the game is played under regular conditions and to collaborate with the referees at all times to ensure that this is the case. Furthermore, the Game Commissioner shall be primarily responsible for the smooth running of the scorer's table, he/she will be seated between the time keeper and the scorer.

Interested to become IWBF Europe Commissioner and you fulfil the following criteria, then please contact the IWBF Europe Office.
The person concerned should have knowledge of wheelchair basketball;
Background: must be involved or have experience in:
- Wheelchair Basketball in general
- Organising tournaments
- as a team manager

He /She should know the basketball rules and regulations for the conduct of wheelchair basketball championships;
Should be able to communicate and write in English;
must be diplomatic;
must carry out the philosophy of IWBF Europe;
must pass the qualification procedure, which means that the first year the student will shadow a well experienced commissioner and in the second year a well experienced commissioner will shadow the student commissioner.

For information please contact the IWBF Europe office