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EasterCup Berlin-Moabit-2016

Registration: We are happy to invite you to the  Eastercup Berlin-Moabit 2016. This year we have organized a very successfull wheelchair competition with teams from Rumania (National team), Nigeria, Netherlands and Germany (including ALBA Berlin). We really hope that you will participate in next years  Eastercup so we can present the greatness of wheelchair basketball to many young people from all over europe! 
The tournaments opener will tip off at 18:30 on March 24 2016, the last games will be held on March 28 for the youth teams and onMarch 26 for all adult and wheelchair teams. If your team wishes to extend its stay in the German capital to have another practise before the tournament tips off or to have little shopping spree in one of Berlins various malls, please do not forget to contact us early so we have the possibility to arrange your extension with your accommodation.
Games will be held in two to three different arenas (depends on the number of teams) , one of them being the never sleeping centre court Alt-Moabit 10, 10557 Berlin. All three arenas and the accommodations are wheelchair ready. As accommodations we are able to offer you either rooms within a youth centre, HOSTELS or hotels. (zu finden unter "Gästeprogramm, Rahmemprogramm und Unterkünfte") Catering will be organized, including breakfast, lunch and dinner from March 25th to 28th. Additional meals can be booked(example: dinner on March 24).
The preliminary games will be held on March 24 and 25, play-offs and play-downs will be held on March 26. Highlight will be the play-off final during the All Star Saturday Night Event on the centre court in front of a full crowd(ca. 400-800 visitors).Games will be held in four quarters each lasting eight minute. Only the last 2 minutes of the forth quarter will be stopped, the rest will be played in running clock mode. The games will be refereed by official wheelchair-basketball referees.Teams may be mixed and are free of age limitations.

If there are questions, comments, concerns or wishes do not hesitate to contact us via email under:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_parent">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or via telephone: 004915783623072


Ladies, Men and Wheelchair players paying less, due to the fact of staying only 3 nights in Berlin and consequently having 8 meals.

=> Ladies/Men/Wheelchair players have matches from 24.03.16 to 27.03.16.

The valid prices for Ladies, Men, Wheelchair players, Coaches/Guests:

Cupcard Highschool - Small gyms/premises (not all are equipped with showers)
=> 77 € per person for 3 nights 
in 2015 (7 meals + only Shuttle-Service in Moabit)

=> 87 € per person  in 2016( 8 meals + 5x days public transport ticket in Berlin)

or 67 € without meals

Hint: Cupcard Highschool is always bookable.

Cupcard College - Hostel with 4-8 beds per room
=> 112 € per person for 3 nights
 in 2015 (7 meals + only Shuttle-Service in Moabit)

=> 122 € per person  in 2016( 8 meals + 5x days public transport ticket in Berlin)

or 100 € without meals

Hint: Cupcard College is bookable until the 01. March 2016.

Cupcard NBA - Hotel with 4-6 beds per room
=> 142 € per person for 3 nights
 in 2015 (7 meals + only Shuttle-Service in Moabit)

=> 152 € per person  in 2016( 8 meals + 5x days public transport ticket in Berlin)

or 130 € without meals

Hint: Cupcard NBA is bookable until the 25. February 2016.

Please notice: Wheelchair-players, Men and Ladies paying less, because of the less number of nights being in Berlin (schedule is finished at 26th of March evening, last meal 27th of March in the morning ) => Onlya part ofthe costs!!!

Fee for all participating teams

The fee is divided into three sections (same dates for the Cupcards!)

  1. Teams with registration till 31.12.2015 and payment till 20.01.2016

190€ package , fee included, 14x Cupshirts, 12x waterbottles 1,5l , 1x 43 Shop surprise, 14x Tickets for All-Star-Saturday-Night-Event + 1 mealcard for free =discount 50 €


155€ fee included, 12x waterbottles 1,5l , 1 x 43 Shop surprise, 14x Tickets for All-Star-Saturday-Night-Event.


  1. Patrons/Teams with payment till 28.02.2016:

200 € package, fee included, 14 x Cupshirts, 12 x waterbottles 1,5 L,
14 x Tickets All-Star-Saturday-Night-Event, 1 x 43 Shop surprise,1 x What you need Teamwear surprise


150 € fee included, 12 x waterbottles 1,5 L, 1x 43 Shop surprise,
14 x Tickets All-Star-Saturday-Night-Event, 1 x What you need Teamwear surprise


3. New guests/Teams with payment till 10.03.2016:

-->210 € package fee included, 14 x Cupshirts, 12 x waterbottles 1,5l, 14 x Tickets All-Star-Saturday-Night-Event, 1 x 43 Shop surprise


160 €, PAYMENT till 10.03.2016, fee included, 12 x waterbottles 1,5 L, 1x 43 Shop surprise, 14 x Tickets All-Star-Saturday-Night-Event



Try Out Cologne

Eaux de Cologne

On Saturday June 20th our youngest team wheelchair basketball went to a Try-Out organized by our German Wheelchair basketball colleagues at the home location of Koln99’ers in Cologne ….

Junior Bears on Wheels is our absolute-junior team consisting of 12 super-motivated kids aged between 5 ½ and a whopping 12 years of age. Right … super-duper young this is … but extremely motivated to make this a success. Here is how we approached the day-out with our German friends.

Needless to say that some of our kids simply didn’t sleep the night before … It all started Saturday June 20th by loading up our little bus with the wheelchairs and, of course, the kids. Some of the players drove separately with the parents, others came with our bus I was the happy-chosen to drive.  Driving this calls up ancient memories of school trips where fun and excitement prevailed. We went from our location Pellenberg (close to Leuven) at about 7:15 direction Cologne which we reached after about two and a half hours drive, smoothly, not too much traffic.  In city our GPS went crazy … causing us a couple of turnarounds and a little delay … but we got safely to the venue … where we have been welcomed by Sedat and Jutta … and met for the first time Freddy (my brother in crime…), the trainer assigned to our group.

Once on the court, it all felt quite comfortable and Freddy gave some explanations about what we were going to face that day … this Freddy (me that means !) as well as Heidi and Danny – both parents from a few of the kids – tried to translate from German into Flemish as well as we could … all together it went well as “basket language” (meaning ‘showing’) is quite universal.

After a few little hick-ups and a ‘flat’ which was professionally fixed by a local engineer, we all got the hang of it ! Amélie drove into the wall – not intentionally of course – and it went from one game to another … all with the intention to learn as much as we could … our three most powerfull guys were taken into a second group with German colleagues with a second trainer on duty.

A little tired we reached lunchtime and tasted a few open sandwiches prepared by the local staff, cherry cake which was much appreciated as the healthy food  J

After lunch it’s getting serious … we went step by step further into playing games with the basketball which finally got us all involved in short ‘matches’ … three teams competing. Yes, our little ones missed some of the strength of other players but … never gave up !  Even our absolute youngest, Isaak, sometimes in tears, couldn’t be demoted as he returned over and over again into the play.

The final touch was a short game of “the adults” against “all the rest” … not fair, I admit, but what can you do with 5 adults against 20 kids … right … you understand I am shure !!

Around 16:30 we rounded up for the day and after receiving a Passport and “Urkunde” we drove back home … yet … of course without forgetting to stop for a quick bite (not healthy food this time) which was enthousiastically applauded by the whole gang.

Thank you, German colleagues for offering us this opportunity … and yes … when I ask the kids … they want to do this again, sure thing.

Freddy Hernou

JBOW - Leuven

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