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International Player Break

During the Executive meeting of IWBF in April Walter Pfaller proposed to establish an international players break. The rationale behind this proposal is that there are growing calls to provide ‘breaks’ in domestic league schedules to provide support for national teams to enable them to train.
Some clubs have challenged the release of players for international training.
By this break we provide national teams a window to the sport of wheelchair basketball and the pinnacle of wheelchair basketball performances. It is appropriate for IWBF and everyone involved in wheelchair basketball to support the international game.

The proposal is to preserve the weekend following New Year and Easter weekend for international players (Men and Women) for national team training/games.
Clubs with international players may not play on these weekends.

The international player-break proposal is a recommendation for the season 2016/17.
With the season 2017/18 the international player break regulation will be compulsory, if the congress next year accept this proposal.
Failure to comply with this will result in a fine of up to 500 EUR for the club concerned, which have to be paid to the Zonal organisation.

At World level is still a draft version as all zones of IWBF have to agree, but IWBF-Europe has decided to implement this proposal.


Jan Berteling awarded as member of honour

The IWBF Europe Executive Council decided in its meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, of November 21th, 2015, to award Mr. Jan BERTELING the HONORARY MEMBERSHIP of IWBF Europe.

In 1999, Jan BERTELING was elected as President. In 2015, he decided to step down, after so many years of excellent service to wheelchair basketball in general and to the European federations and clubs in particular. Not only for our zone, but also for IWBF he played his part in the board to let wheelchair basketball become the most important team sport for disabled, with his broad governing experience in basketball, his connections in FIBA and his huge international network.

IWBF Europe acknowledges and will always remember the great contributions that Jan BERTELING made to the organisation and development of wheelchair basketball in Europe.


Statement Concerning the incident between fans of Besiktas and Galatasary during the Champions Cup Finals in Zwichau

There have been many media reports about an incident that took place on Saturday concerning fighting between fans of Turkish teams Besiktas and Galatasary. Many of these media accounts have been factually inaccurate.
Our understanding is that about 50 hooligans were involved in a fight outside one of the sports hall being used for the competition. The violence took place on the street outside of the venue and not at the game between the 2 teams as reported in many of the media reports. We understand that the violence involved people carrying knives and other weapons and that 7 people were taken to hospital, fortunately all with relatively minor injuries. The German Police were called and managed to control the fighting and a number of people have been arrested in connection with the incident.
As stated, the violence took place outside of the venue. Many of the press reports state that the fighting caused the game between Besiktas and Galatasary to be abandoned. This is not correct. The 2 teams were due to play each other later on Saturday for 5th and 6th place in the competition. Due to the risk of further violence during the game, in consultation with the local Police, it was decided to cancel the 5th and 6th Play Off game between the 2 teams. Both Turkish teams were upset, concerned and surprised with this violence outside of the sport hall as well as everyone.
IWBF Europe takes this matter extremely seriously and will consider what steps, if any, can be taken to ensure that this incident does not happen again the future.