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Eligibility of players in EuroCup tournaments

  1. In official competitions like the EuroCup, an individual is eligible to play wheelchair basketball when he conforms to the Player Classification Rules and Regulations;

  2. A National Organisation governing Wheelchair Basketball (NOWB) is responsible for the eligibility of all players of its clubs at all times and will bear the consequences of any infraction of the Player Classification Rules and Regulations and the Regulations governing Eligibility, the National Status, the internal transfer and the Age of Players;

  3. All players have to be members of the team as from December 1st, until the end of the EuroCup Competition, of the year in which the EuroCup Competition takes place and they must be eligible o play according to their NOWB Regulations. A player may not be licensed by more than one IWBF Europe NOWB at the same time. See Manual of Regulations for the Conduct of Wheelchair Basketball Championships in Europe, Chapter I.§ 18.c.(2);

  4. For each foreign player a copy of the Letter of Clearance has to be submitted with the Official Team statement to the IWBF Europe Office in order to proof his eligibility.

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