Champions League EuroCup 2022 postponed to March

Champions League EuroCup 2022 postponed to March

Difficult decision made by IWBF Europe

Due to the increasing problems caused by coronavirus and its variants, IWBF Europe Competition Commission, together with IWBF Europe President and Secretary General, had to take the difficult decision to cancel the first event of the EuroCup 2022. The preliminary rounds of Champions League were planned to take place on the first weekend of February 2022.

With sadness we must inform the clubs that the start of the EuroCup 2022 is therefore postponed to March 2022. IWBF Europe is now considering how to proceed with the Champions League.

As always, any decision to cancel a competition is not easy but it is made to protect the health and wellbeing of the athletes and ITOs.

IWBF Europe is grateful to all clubs and ITOs for their continued support for the EuroCup and their understanding in these difficult times. More information will be provided in the New Year.