Getting Ready for 2021-22 Wheelchair Basketball Season – Referees Clinics

Getting Ready for 2021-22 Wheelchair Basketball Season – Referees Clinics


On September 17-19th, IWBF Europe Technical Commission Chairman Edwin Wallaart and member Tonia Gòmez took part in the pre-season clinic organized by the Spanish Federation FEDDF. More than 60 referees from all over Spain attended the clinic to get ready for the upcoming season. Almost all Spanish, international licenced referees where present, and a special guest from Taiwan joined online during the weekend.

The lectures hold by Mr Wallaart and Ms Gòmez regarded the revision of new rules, criteria, and examples of unsportsmanlike foul and of shooting action. To discuss the topics of Act of Shooting situations and Unsportsmanlike fouls, clips from game situations takes from the Tokyo Paralympics were prepared. To conclude the pre-season clinic, all participants completed a written rule test and a shuttle run test.

With the goal of providing the same information to an increasing number of European referees, the prepared video was used again by Mr Wallaart as guest speaker at the annual clinic organized by the German Federation DRB on September 20th.

IWBF Europe Technical Commission is now focusing on the next upcoming clinic and an online training. The first will be held in Serbia in November and it will target potential referees. The second will focus on 3×3 wheelchair basketball. Prepared together with Luc Vergoossen, it will have the aim of preparing the referees for the upcoming Commonwealth Games that will take place in December in Scotland.