Successful 1st IWBF Europe Webinar

Successful 1st IWBF Europe Webinar

The first IWBF Europe Webinar was a success with a lot of positive feedback and reactions from the 75 participants.

The webinar was organized by IWBF Europe Technical Commission and it was addressed to European international referees, instructors, supervisors, and referee candidates. National referees from Europe, who attended the U30 Clinic in Vodice in November 2019, were also present.

The webinar was moderated by IWBF Europe Technical Commission Chairman Mr. Edwin Wallaart and its commission member Mr. Kruno Peic. Among the participants, approximately 60 referees and 15 instructors, two invited special guests attended the event, IWBF Secretary General, Mr. Norbert Kucera and IWBF Technical Commission Chairman Mr. Cristian Roja.

Two were the chosen topics:

  • the act of shooting, with a focus on fouls during the act of shooting,
  • unsportsmanlike foul situations.

Both topics, chosen by the Technical Commission, have recently gone through new interpretations. To cover these two topics, a selection of high quality videoclips was used during the online presentation.

More ideas about topics to be discussed are ready for the next webinar, which the Technical Commission plans to organize in the next few months. However, the Technical Commission hopes that the Covid-19 situation will develop in a direction that will soon allow for an in-person refresher clinic.