EuroCup 2019-2024 Ranking

EuroCup 2019-2024 Ranking

4 Spanish teams in the top 10

The EuroCup 2019-2024 Ranking has been published! 4 Spanish teams are in the top 10 European clubs, followed by 2 Germans, 2 Italians, and 2 Turkish teams.

The ranking points are counted from the last three EuroCup seasons. Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, results from 2019, 2023, and 2024 competitions were used by the IWBF Europe Competition Commission to calculate the overall ranking.

The 2019-2024 ranking points will be used to place clubs into EuroCup 2025 group stages.

photos: BSR Amiab Albacete & Franzi Möller | RSB Thuringia Bulls