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Updated IWBF Europe Wheelchair Basketball Development Manual

During recent years there has been a tremendous increase in the number of people playing wheelchair basketball. Within Europe there is a growing awareness of the needs of emerging nations and teams. As a consequence IWBF Europe decided to update this manual in order to aid and support this development. This is a second and updated version of this manual to take into account various changes in the IWBF rules and regulations. A Sample can been downloaded from the website to get an idea what the manual looks like.
The manual will cost €2,50 plus postal charges.


CORRECTION !! SmartStat 2.7.9 obligatory in Euroleague 1 and 2 and all finals of Eurocup

For upcoming EuroCup League are the organizers of European League 1 and 2 and of all finals obliged to use SmartStat version 2.7.9 SmartStat can downloaded it from our website.  As of from 1th of June 2016 IWBF-Europe will switch to the FIBA LiveStat software. This means that the organizers of the European Championships will have to work with this software.


Ron Coppenrath receives two awards as birthday present

Ron award

Ron Coppenrath was surprised while celebrating  his birthday on Saturday 7 November at home with his family. Two unexpected guests rang at the door; Francisca Ravestein president of the Dutch NOWB and CLME officer of IWBF accompanied by Frank Berteling the CEO of the Dutch NOB (NBB). 

From the President Francisca Ravestein Ron Coppenrath first got the federal pin of the Dutch Basketball Federation for many years active in the national and international basketball.  At his club Ron was closely involved in the development of wheelchair basketball in Netherlands and for many years was a delegate on behalf of the wheelchair basketball clubs at the general assembly of the NBB. 

The second award Francisca brought with her was the IWBF Gold Medal Triad Award, the well-deserved award for all the work Ron has done for IWBF.

Outside his country Ron Coppenrath has been active for many years as Secretary General IWBF-Europe. In this function, he was a spider in the web in the organization of many European Championships and European Cup-tournaments. Also at IWBF Ron made a strong contribution as a member of the World Board, in charge of the portfolio ' Competitions '. In this role he was also the focal point for the countries participating in the World Championships and Paralympics.

For his international commitment the IWBF awarded Ron Coppenrath the IWBF Gold Medal Triad Award. By circumstances Ron Coppenrath could not be present at the European Championship wheelchair basketball in Worcester. That is why Francisca Ravestein in her role of IWBF-Board Member presented him this award at his home address on his birthday.

The European wheelchair basketball community thanks Ron Coppenrath for his years of commitment and congratulates him with the IWBF Gold Medal Triad Award.

Source: NBB (Dutch Basketball Federation)