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EasterCup Berlin-Moabit

We are happy to invite you to the Eastercup Berlin-Moabit 2015. In last years event we had difficulties finding enough wheelchair teams to put a valid tournament conference together. We really hope that with you participating in next years Eastercup we will be able to just that and bring even more basketball fans and players to the Eastercup Berlin-Moabit in 2015.
The tournaments opener will tip off at 18:30 on April 2nd of 2015, the last games will be held on April 6th for the youth teams and on April 4th for all adult and wheelchair teams. Ifyour team wishes to extend its stay in the German capital to have another practise before the tournament tips off or to have little shopping spree in one of Berlins various malls, please do not forget to contact us early so we have the possibility to arrange your extension with your accommodation.
Games will be held in two different arenas, one of them being the never sleeping centre court Alt-Moabit 10, 10557 Berlin. Both arenas and the accommodations are wheelchair ready. As accommodations we are able to offer you either rooms within a youth centre, HOSTELS or hotels. (zu finden unter "Gästeprogramm, Rahmemprogramm und Unterkünfte") Catering will be organized, including breakfast, lunch and dinner from April 3rd – 5th. Additional meals can be ooked(example: dinner on April 2nd).
The preliminary games will be held on April 2nd and 3rd, play-offs and play-downs will be held on 4th. Highlight will be the play-off final during the All Star Saturday Night Event on the centre court in front of a full crowd(ca. 400-800 visitors).Games will be held in four quarters each lasting eight minute. Only the last 2 minutes of the forth quarter will be stopped, the rest will be played in running clock mode. The games will be refereed by official wheelchair-basketball referees.Teams may be mixed and are free of age limitations.
Further information can be found in the attachment.
If there are questions, comments, concerns or wishes do not hesitate to contact us via email under: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via telephone: 004915783623072
Please notice: wheelchair-players, men and Ladies paying less, because of the less number of nights being in Berlin (schedule is finished at 4th of April ) => Only a part of the costs!!!

Ladies, Men and Wheelchair players paying less, due to the fact of staying only 3 nights in Berlin and consequently having 7 meals.
=> Ladies/Men/Wheelchair players have matches from 02.04.15 to 04.04.15.
The valid prices for Ladies, Men Wheelchair players, coaches, guests:
Cupcard Highschool - Small gyms/premises (not all are equipped with showers)
=> 77 €
hint: cupcard Highschool is bookable until the 15. March 2015.
Cupcard College - HOSTEL with 4-8 beds per room
=> 112 €
hint: cupcard College is bookable until the 15. March 2015.
Cupcard NBA - Hotel with 4-6 beds per room
=> 142 €
hint: cupcard NBA is bookable until the 05. March 2015.
Cupcard NBA GOLD - Only hotel Best Western Premier Moa (4 stars) 4 beds per room/suites
=> 157 €
hint: cupcard NBA GOLD is bookable until the 15. January 2015.
Cupcard Parents - For all players, coaches, parents and guest preferring to organize their accommodation for themselves. Includes 3 x breakfeast, 3 x BBQ, cup-shirt, tickets for Berlin and some other features: => 70 €

The fee is divided into three sections (same rules for Cupcards!)
Teams mit early bird rebate till 31.12.2014 and PAYMENT till 10.02.2015:
→175 € package, fee included, 14 x Cupshirts, 12 x waterbottle 1,5 L,
14 x Tickets All-Star-Saturday-Night-Event, 1 x 43 Shop surprise
→125 €,fee included, 12 x waterbottles 1,5 L, 2x 43 Shop surprise,
14 x Tickets All-Star-Saturday-Night-Event

2. Patrons/Teams with PAYMENT till 01.03.2015:
→170 € package, fee included,, 14 x Cupshirts, 12 x waterbottle 1,5 L,
14 x Tickets All-Star-Saturday-Night-Event, 1 x 43 Shop surprise,
→120 € ,fee included, 12 x waterbottle 1,5 L, 2x 43 Shop surprise,
14 x Tickets All-Star-Saturday-Night-Event,

→185 € package , PAYMENT till 21.03.2015 fee included, 14 x Cupshirts, 12 x waterbottle 1,5
L, 14 x Tickets All-Star-Saturday-Night-Event, 1 x 43 Shop surprise
→145 €, PAYMENT till 21.03.2015 ,fee included , 12 x waterbottle 1,5 L, 4x 43 Shop suprise, 14 x Tickets All-Star-Saturday-Night-Event


New Organiser ELG3A

After the withdrawel of SK Hobit Brno the team ASD Handicap Sport Varese was willing to take over the organisation. The Antwerp Players complete the group.

 See EuroLeague 3 for more details

EuroLeague 3 Group A
ASD Handicap Sport Varese
Alexander the Great '94
IKS GTM Konstancin
Krylja Barsa
Antwerp Players

Coach Clinic for Youth Coaches’

In conjunction with the Mixed National Youth team event an Coach Clinic for Youth Coaches will be organised from Thursday 25 until Sunday 28 June 2015.
Download all information about this clinic, or register to the clinic.