IWBF Europe statement on Coronavirus and EuroCup 2020

IWBF Europe statement on Coronavirus and EuroCup 2020

February 2020

IWBF Europe is watching closely developments and impact of Coronavirus COVID-19 in Italy and other parts of Europe. We are reacting quickly to new situations as we make constant assessment of the possible impact on EuroCup events taking place in the next few weeks.

We understand that there are concerns and we take this matter very seriously to protect as best as possible our athletes, ITOs and organising committees.

IWBF Europe will continue to monitor the advice of governments and local agencies in areas affected by the virus and will consider carefully any advice or information they give about travel restrictions and health precautions that may affect our events.

At the moment, travel restrictions are limited to specific areas and we ask everyone to continue to prepare for events to go ahead as planned. If the situation changes and we need to consider whether events can take place in some locations, we will be in immediate contact with all necessary affected persons and organisations. If you are asked for information by your Technical Delegate, please reply quickly and clearly to help us make decisions.