General information

EuroCup 2014

The results and the final ranking of the EuroLeague competitions 2014 you can find under "NEWS"  -  "Results"

The Challenge Cup, the Willi Brinkmann Cup and the André Vergauwen Cup finals will be held from 24 April up to and including 27 April 2014

The Champions Cup finals will be held from 1 May up to and including 4 May 2014;

The point level for all Cups will be 14.5 points on court according to the EuroCup Regulations, female players may add 1.5 point, male players under 19 may add 1 point and female under 19 may add 2 points when on court but the maximum is limited to 17 points.

To establish the date of birth corresponding to the age limit for the men and or women the following procedure is used: the age limit must be subtracted from the following year in which a competition takes place with the understanding that this year begins on January 1st.

Formula : 20XX + 1 – UXX = 19XX as birth year

For EuroCup 2014 = born on or after 2014 + 1 – U19 = 1996 Januari 1st


For more detailed information you can contact the nominated Technical Delegate or the Competitions Commission by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">



Dear all,

The IWBF Europe Competition Commission organised an extra meeting to evaluate the Team’s Questionnaires, the Organiser’s Evaluation Forms and the Technical Delegate’s General Reports. Also, of course, it discussed various problems that arose during some of the EuroCup tournaments.

It is regretful to notice that, year by year, respect in our tournaments is going down. Respect from organisers to participating teams, but especially respect from participating teams to organisers.

You must know that organising an EuroCup event cannot be taken for granted. It takes a lot of work, organisation, volunteers, money and courage to do it!

And yes, sometimes the hotel is not as you expected. Or the sports hall could be better in your opinion. Or the food is not as you are used to have. But we think that the main object must be to play wheelchair basketball! And to do so, we need organisers! When an organiser does all he can to give you all you need, and then he finds out that all he gets in return are negative comments and criticism. This doesn’t motivate him to organise again. Which is a sad evolution for the being of EuroCup.

We are convinced that our organisers do their very best to offer you the best accommodation they can give you. And with a little tolerance and respect, we can all make every tournament a great success and a real promotion of wheelchair basketball.

That is why we, your Competitions Commission, ask you kindly to show more respect to each other in future tournaments. Respect in all possible aspects. To live like a family, and to ‘fight’ each other in a sporting way during the games!

Yours sincerely,

The Competitions Commission - IWBF Europe.